office365 EN

Remote work
and study with no limits!

Be efficient
even while staying at home.
 6 months of free services  
from Microsoft* for businesses 
 and permanent free use 
for educational institutions.  

The offer of conditions for free
connection of services is valid until May 4, 2020.

For productive work

  • Regular internal communication and prompt notifications inside the company and selected clients
  • Real-time co-authoring of documents
  • Teamwork and project co-management
  • Personal and group chats
  • Briefings and meetings
  • Conferences and webinars


For convenient studying

  • Video and audio chats
  • Online classes and lectures
  • Recording of online streaming, webinars
  • Closed groups for teachers and students
  • Shared space for content and materials
  • Creating virtual classrooms for collaboration of students
  • Saving chat history for further work and refinement

*Due to the increased demand for tools for efficient remote work, Microsoft offers free use of services for the first 6 months as part of an annual subscription, followed by a monthly payment for Office 365 E1 and Microsoft 365 Business Basic. The offer is valid for new customers.

The offer is valid for new customers. Customers licensed to Office 365 E1 trial until May 4, 2020 continue to use the current plan without changes.

Reliable tools
for remote work

not to break
the usual rhythm of life.

Microsoft Teams trial

available for
business representatives

Exchange Foundation, Power Automate for Office 365 Plan 1, Forms, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Whiteboard, Microsoft Teams, Office Online, PowerApps for Office 365 Plan 1, SharePoint Online Kiosk, Stream, Sway

Office 365 E1

available for representatives
of business and governmental organizations

Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Exchange Online, Power Automate for Office 365 Plan 1, Forms, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office Online, PowerApps for Office 365 Plan 1, SharePoint Online, Stream, Sway, OneDrive for Business

Office 365 A1

permanently available
for all educational institutions

Microsoft Teams, Office Online, Yammer, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneNote Class Notebook, Learning Tools, Classroom Experiences in Teams, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Whiteboard, Forms, PowerApps, School Data Sync, Stream, Sway, OneDrive

Already using Microsoft Office 365
cloud services?

And have an account with an email address in your organization’s domain?

Start working with Teams
 right now 

Contact SMART business team for service support, additional information about obtaining licenses and service use scenarios.

    Work from home,

    as if from an office

    Capabilities of Microsoft Teams platform

    Building a virtual hub in a unified space

    Use a digital workspace that combines chat, video meetings, calls, planner, calendar and files in a single integrated application to expand the capabilities of organization’s teams.

    Setting up employee collaboration

    Keep your entire team in the loop by integrating email, calendar and notifications. Create and work on Office documents together by providing shared access.

    Unification of corporate worlds

    Hold meetings with representatives of your organization and third-party participants by just sharing a link to join.

    Intelligent support of online meetings

    Maintain productive collaboration throughout the entire meeting by using intelligent tools and Microsoft Teams apps.


    Using the service anywhere

    Continuously share information, files and documents, communicate and hold meetings in a single application, both from mobile devices and PCs from anywhere in the world.

    Data security

    Provide the company with the services that guarantee security, compliance, privacy and data protection.

    Capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 E1 platform

    Using apps on tablets and mobiles

    Get web versions of Office applications for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Each user can install mobile Office applications on 5 tablets and 5 smartphones.

    Access to email and shared calendars

    Access from any device, 50 GB of cloud environment, sending attachments of up to 150 MB.

    Creating a hub for teamwork and project work with
    Microsoft Teams

    Communicate, share files, schedule briefings, hold meetings and monitor project management in a single app! Teams is available both from mobile devices and PCs.

    Holding online meetings

    Hold virtual meetings with audio, video or through web conferences. Up to 10,000 participants can join the event streaming through a browser on any device.

    Using corporate repository

    OneDrive for Business provides each user with 1 TB of personal cloud repository that can be accessed from any device globally, with people both inside and outside your organization.

    Creating interactive content

    The Sway app makes it possible to create exciting web reports, presentations or newsletters straight from the phone, tablet or PC.

    Using corporate video services

    Make communication with colleagues, company meetings and training more efficient with Microsoft Stream. At work, at home, and even on a trip, everyone can use the means of quality video connection due to mobile and web applications.

    Workflow automation

    Create automated workflows between applications and services to get notifications, synchronize files and collect data with Microsoft Flow.

    To ensure quick user adoption of Microsoft Office 365 services and to facilitate transition to new technologies in online mode, we developed a special program for building digital workplaces and user adoption, aimed at helping our clients to get the hang of new capabilities in a smooth and easy way.

     By combining digital tools
     and other daily tasks,
     we combine business processes  
     and IT technologies on one platform. 

    In order to enable continuous growth and ongoing development of employees, we have created a space to efficiently train them and control their knowledge. The SMART HCM & LMS system combines all HR processes and tasks to improve staff skills. Enhanced by artificial intelligence technologies, it helps businesses not only automate operational functions, but also optimize processes for attracting, appraising and boosting productivity of employees online.